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The United States is a country with abundant consumer goods manufactured all over the world. Many Americans are injured every year by consumer goods that are defective and unreasonably dangerous. Persons injured by such consumer goods have a legal right under Indiana law and the law of other jurisdictions to pursue claims for damages for personal injury caused by defective and unreasonably dangerous products.

If an individual has been injured as a result of a defective and unreasonably dangerous consumer product and can sustain the burden of proof on that issue, then the individual is entitled to collect money damages for the nature and extent of the injury caused, disfigurement, permanency of any injury sustained, physical pain and emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, lost income, health care expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

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Common Types Of Product Liability Claims

Manufacturers of consumer products have a legal responsibility to design, manufacture, and market their products in a manner so that the products are not defective and not unreasonably dangerous for use by consumers. They also have a legal responsibility to design, manufacture, and market their products in a reasonable and safe manner. When manufacturers fail to do this, they can be held legally responsible if their defective products cause injury and harm to consumers.

The following are common types of product liability claims that can be made by consumers who have been injured by a defective, unreasonably dangerous consumer product:

Design Defects: Some consumer products are defective and unreasonably dangerous because of the design of the product. Such products have inherent defects that cannot be made safe by the manner or method of manufacture or by any type of marketing.

Manufacturing Defects: Some consumer products are designed in a safe and reasonable manner and are not defective and unreasonably dangerous as a result of the nature of their design. However, such potentially safe products can be defective and unreasonably dangerous if they are manufactured in a manner that makes them defective and unreasonably dangerous. A simple example of this would be a medication that is correctly and safely designed but is contaminated during the manufacturing process in a manner that causes injury and damage to consumers.

Failure to Warn Or Inadequate Warning: Some consumer products can be designed and manufactured correctly but still contain inherent risk of injury to consumers. Such a product could be a lawnmower, a power tool, a medical device, or a medication. With these types of products, a manufacturer has a legal responsibility to provide precise, clear and meaningful warning of the inherent and foreseeable risk in the use of the product.

False Marketing/Advertising: Some product manufacturers sometimes market their products in a manner that falsely or misleadingly states the benefits of the product or misleadingly downplays the risks of the product.

Corporations & Entities that Can Be Found Liable

Corporations and entities involved in different phases of the design, manufacture, and marketing of defective and unreasonably dangerous consumer products can be held liable if an injured person can sustain his or her burden of proving that he or she has sustained personal injury caused by a defective and unreasonably dangerous consumer product. Potentially liable entities include the following:

  • Designers of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product
  • Manufacturers of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product
  • Designers or manufacturers of a component part of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product
  • Distributors and wholesalers of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product
  • Retailers of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product

Elements of a Product Liability Claim

To sustain the burden of proof in prosecuting a product liability claim, an individual must prove, by a greater weight of the evidence, each of the following elements of a product liability claim.

  1. The plaintiff was a user of the consumer product at issue in the lawsuit.
  2. The product was defective and unreasonably dangerous or was designed, manufactured, and marketed in an unreasonable and negligent manner.
  3. The plaintiff was injured as a direct and proximate result of the defective and unreasonably dangerous product or the negligent manner in which it was designed, manufactured, or marketed.
  4. The plaintiff was using the product in a manner for which the product was intended.
  5. The plaintiff has sustained damages as a direct and proximate result of being injured by the product.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You

Attorney Lance D. Cline has successfully represented several individuals who have been badly injured and damaged by defective and unreasonably dangerous consumer products resulting in permanent injuries and substantial damages.

Before you hire an attorney to represent you in a product liability claim, you should carefully interview the attorney to determine what experience they have in handling this type of lawsuit, what the outcome has been in any such lawsuit and whether the attorney plans on representing you directly or referring you to another attorney. Mr. Cline has the knowledge, training, and experience to handle this type of lawsuit and will directly perform the work on your lawsuit.

Is a Class Action a Reasonable Remedy For Your Claim?

In some situations, defective and unreasonably dangerous products may be widely used in the United States and cause injury and damage to a large number of individuals. In these situations, class action lawsuits are inevitably filed by attorneys representing large classes of plaintiffs. Sometimes, a class action is a reasonable and prudent legal remedy.

That is particularly true if the injuries and damages sustained by each individual are not severe. However, if a person sustains severe injury and severe damages as a result of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product, it may be best to pursue an individual lawsuit. Our consumer injury lawyers is happy to discuss with you which remedy may be best for your given situation.

Call our Carmel product liability lawyers at (317) 526-4467 for dedicated, personalized service. We understand that no two cases are the same and that each client deserves to be treated with respect and attention.

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The Cline Law Firm, LLC exists for the sole purpose of listening to and advocating for individuals and families who have sustained great harm and losses as a result of the negligent, intentional, or other wrongful conduct of others. It is the sole type of legal work that attorney Lance D. Cline has done during his 40-year legal career. Every lawyer and employee of our team is solely and fully dedicated to helping victims of such conduct in our society.

  • $5,634,669 Verdict for a Wrongful Death Caused by Pneumonia

    Lance D. Cline obtained a jury verdict of $5,634,669.84 for the wrongful death of a fifty-two-year-old Indian female married to a sixty-four-year-old Indian male at the time of her death. The couple had no children. The decedent developed MRSA pneumonia, a rare form of pneumonia.

  • $4,100,000 Verdict for Birth-Related Brachial Plexus Nerve Injuries

    Lance D. Cline tried this case to a jury in 2012. The plaintiff was a minor male who sustained injuries to brachial plexus nerves in his right arm at the time of his birth. A shoulder dystocia occurred during the vaginal delivery.

  • $3,500,000 Verdict for a Brachial Plexus Nerve Injury During Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    Lance D. Cline tried this lawsuit to a jury in a conservative, northern Indiana county in 2018. The sixty-five-year-old plaintiff had a history of multiple dislocations in his left shoulder between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five that led to the performance of a Magnuson-Stack procedure upon his left shoulder at the age of twenty-five that prevented further dislocations.

  • $1,285,000 Verdict For a Minor Who Sustained Permanent Brachial Plexus Nerve Injuries at Birth

    Lance Cline presented expert witness testimony from two board-certified obstetricians and a biomechanical engineer with expertise and knowledge regarding physician-applied forces during child delivery. The Defendant made no offer of settlement before the trial. The jury deliberated for ninety minutes before ignoring the medical review panel opinion and returning a verdict in favor of the client in the amount of $1,285,000. That was a record verdict in the county where the case was tried.

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